Credit: Kevin McHale on Instagram Photo: Glee Cast With Demi Lovato at the FOX 2013 Upfront in NYC on May 13, 2013

Glee Season 5 is getting some help from a familiar FOX face, courtesy of X Factor judge Demi Lovato.

According to TVLine, the singer-turned-reality competition judge is reportedly close to inking a deal to appear on Glee as “struggling artist friend of Rachel and Santana’s.” However, her time in the Big Apple won’t just be spent with the Lima transplants. The site also notes that Demi’s character, Dani, will “interact frequently with Adam Lambert’s incoming character, and the pair will have several musical numbers together.”

Although no deal has been finalized just yet, Demi is expected to join Glee in the second episode of Season 5, which is also part two of the show’s long-awaited Beatles tribute ep. She is expected to be around for at least a six-episode arc.

Demi’s previous acting credits include Disney’s Sonny With a Chance and the Camp Rock films. She’s also showed off her more dramatic side with guest spots on Grey’s Anatomy and Prison Break. Lea and Demi's characters will play friends on the show, and they're actually already close in real life. The two songstresses often talk on Twitter, and over the summer, they both recorded songs for their upcoming albums in the same studio. It's Lea's first time putting out a solo album, so veteran songstress Demi has offered her tips and support.

Glee Season 5 returns on September 26 at 9 p.m. ET, right after a new episode of X Factor.

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Source: TVLine

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