Part of what we love about Glee is how the show is able to tackle social issues, while still keeping things light with pop songs and witty banter. And apparently, we aren’t the only ones who appreciate this deft balance.

Modern Family star Julie Bowen (Claire) says her show doesn’t comment on society and same-sex relationships as well as Glee does. "I so admire Ryan Murphy and Glee and how they've taken a musical and a comedy, but they also really deliver very serious messages,” Julie tells E! News. “We're still like 10 steps behind that. I don’t know if we'll ever be there.”

Modern Family characters Cam and Mitchell have been in a relationship for years but are not married, although Julie says that may soon change. “We address gay marriage,” she says about the show’s upcoming Season 5 premiere this fall. “We address it.”

"We're still just looking for the laugh, and we do get some of our best laughs I think in the first episode from the gay marriage thing,” Julie adds. “Appropriate, inappropriate, the whole shebang. And I hope we do end in a truly Modern Family way."

As you can imagine, Julie’s praise of Glee was appreciated by Ryan Murphy. “Love you, Julie Bowen!” Ryan tweeted on August 22.

Glee fans are likely to agree with Julie, although some viewers have been critical of Glee’s treatment of its LGBT characters over the years or feel that the show is biased against its same-sex romances. Do you agree that Glee does a good job with is LGBT characters, or do you still think there’s room for improvement?

Source: E! OnlineRyan Murphy’s Twitter