Labor Day is all about grabbing some R&R with the people close to you — and that seems to be exactly what was was on Glee star Lea Michele’s (Rachel) mind during the recent holiday weekend.

Lea enjoyed her extra time away from the Glee set by taking a road trip with bestie Jonathan Groff (Jesse) up to Big Sur, according to E! Online. Lea was spotted leaving her West Hollywood home with J-Groff on August 31.

"They were driving in his Hyundai and… drove up through Malibu to Santa Barbara," says a source. "It was a very scenic coastal route, and they seemed to be really enjoying the views of the ocean."

Lea reportedly was wearing a red dress, denim jacket, and wishbone necklace. And it sounds like even stars get thirsty, as the pair stopped for gas and soda no slushies?! halfway through the trip.

Lea and Jonathan appear to have had an amazing time amid the spectacular views of Big Sur once they finally reached their destination. On September 2, Lea tweeted:

It’s great that Lea and Jonathan are able to spend some quality time together, as we’re sure that they’re both still hurting from Cory Monteith’s (Finn) recent passing. And this weekend getaway comes just after Lea’s 27th birthday on August 29, so it’s nice that she can stretch out the celebration as long as possible!

Sources: E! Online, Lea Michele on Twitter