Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It’s no wonder Naya Rivera (Santana) is so at peace with Glee ending after Season 6 — the sexy singer has her eyes on a Santana spinoff!

When asked by E! News who of all the Glee cast members should get their very own spinoff show, Naya wholeheartedly endorsed Santana.

“She can do anything,” Naya said of her Glee character. “That’s the beauty of Santana.”

We have to agree with Naya there! A show centered around Santana certainly wouldn’t run out of material. Throughout the series, the Cheerio has transformed from snarky cheerleader to one of the show’s most unique and influential characters. When Santana came out as a lesbian in Season 3, the character’s emotional journey gave a voice to the internal struggle of many high schoolers.

Regardless of whether Santana gets her own spinoff, the recently-engaged Naya once again expressed her thankfulness for her time working on Glee. When asked how she was handling the news that the next season of the show will be its last, the actress said she was somewhat prepared.

“We always kind of knew that,” she said. “We’ve had an amazing run on this show, and so whenever it ends, it has to end. Unfortunately, it can’t go on forever. But, I’m just really grateful that I was on it for this long.”

Would you watch a spinoff of Glee centered on Santana? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: E! News