We’ve already gotten to see Darren Criss (Blaine) kissing some kind of mouse puppet. And it was strange. But now Glee is giving us a glimpse at what it would look like if all of Blaine’s friends had been turned into puppets. Needless to say, it would look pretty darn adorable.

We know that Season 5, Episode 7 will be called “Puppet Master,” and now we’re getting a sense of why that title was chosen. Ryan Murphy tweeted two photos from the Glee set, both of which suggest that the McKinley kids are now made of felt.

Glee puppets!” Ryan captions a photo of ten of the different Glee characters as puppets. “With many more to come! Who's your favorite so far?”

Indeed, we can see just about all the members of New Directions in puppet form, including Sam, Artie, and Tina. We also spot the puppet of Mr. Schue in the back, looking dapper in his mini sweater vest. We don’t yet see a Sue puppet, so we hope we’ll get to see her decked out in a little tracksuit soon.

There’s just one question: Where the heck is puppet Blaine? We don’t know for sure, but we’re slightly worried that Blaine might not be getting a puppet doppelganger. In fact, Ryan tweeted a second photo in which flesh-and-blood Blaine is surrounded by his cloth pals, with the caption, “Blaine and friends.”

So does this mean there’s no little plush guy with a bowtie and hair gel? Perhaps not, as we’re guessing that the episode might involve about-to-graduate Blaine freaking out and fantasizing that his choir friends are puppets. In past episodes, Schue previously imagined the gang as their mini selves, while Tina envisioned everyone as having switched personalities.

Either way, we cannot freakin’ wait for this episode to air! And if Glee isn’t going to show us a Blaine puppet, maybe we’ll just make our own. Someone pass us the hot glue gun!

Source: Ryan Murphy on Twitter, Ryan Murphy on Twitter