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Last season, two characters on Glee channeled the plot of the film Catfish, as Unique (Alex Newell) sent sexy messages to Ryder (Blake Jennerwhile pretending to be someone else. Now, Alex is getting to meet the real-life star of Catfish!

Catfish is a 2010 film that focuses on Nev Schulman, who enters into a romantic relationship with a young woman after receiving Facebook messages from her. Then, Nev realizes that the person he'd been connecting with is not who she claimed to be. 

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As you may recall, Glee used a similar storyline in Season 4, with Ryder falling for the beautiful but mysterious "Katie," only to realize that he was actually chatting with Unique.

It appears that being involved in that storyline has paid off for Alex, as he recently got to meet the real-life Nev, who also hosts MTV's Catfish: The TV Show. On November 11, Alex posted an Instagram photo of himself with Nev.

"I met the man behind the catfish!! #legohair," Alex captions the pic. So while we're not sure why the two met, it's definitely cool that Glee's plots are bringing celebs together.

As for the Glee Catfish storyline itself, Glee's writers appear to have forgotten all about it. Ryder had claimed in last season's finale that he was quitting glee as a result of that incident, and that he was never speaking to Unique again, but neither of those things have happened. Water under the bridge, we suppose.

Are you jealous that Alex got to meet Nev? And what do you think they were talking about?

Source: Instagram