Prepare to get a bit misty-eyed. This week’s Glee, Season 5, Episode 5: “The End of Twerk,” isn’t just all about performing Miley Cyrus hits and raunchy Robin Thicke collaborations. The episode is going to get all sorts of emotional.

During the November 14 episode, Unique (Alex Newell) will take on Beyoncé’s “If I Were a Boy.” First of all, Alex’s voice is perfect for a Beyoncé song. The strength, power, and attitude are a perfect match, though Alex captures the tenderness and fragility of this song, too.

We love it when Glee songs are a fun recreation of the original, but it’s even better when a new version will add something new to the hit and re-interpret it in a different way. Unique is biologically male, but identifies as a female. When she sings “If I Were a Boy,” Beyoncé’s lyrics — including “If I were a boy / I think I could understand / How it feels to love a girl / I swear I'd be a better man” — take on a whole new meaning.

The song encapsulates the struggle that Unique feels as an LGBT teenager. Some days she wishes she could just be a boy. That would make life much simpler. But she’s not just a boy. She’s more unique than that.

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