If you're like us, you'd prefer to pretend that Glee‘s Blaine (Darren Criss) cheating on Kurt (Chris Colfer) last season with some rando he met online named Eli C. never actually happened. Nothing wrong with selective memory, right? But we're bringing up Eli again because Kurt has just met a similarly named Elliott “Starchild” Gilbert. Is there any chance this could be the same guy?

Credit: Adam Rose/©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co.

So why would we think such a crazy thought? Well, the show never gave us a clear glimpse at the infamous Eli C., whom Blaine hooked up with in Season 4 after meeting him online. And “Eli” could be a shortened form of Elliott, with “C” perhaps being a middle initial. Yes, it's a stretch. But on a show like Glee, you never know.

That said, this would seem to be a very remote possibility. First of all, geography is against it: Starchild goes to NYU and tells Kurt that he's from Jersey, while Eli C. presumably lives in Lima. It's always possible that Eli C. could have ended up in NYC, although it would be quite coincidental.

Credit: Adam Rose/©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Then, there's the fact that Eli C. asked Blaine if he's upset about Eli not resembling his profile pic, which seems to imply that Eli is not exactly a looker. If that's true, he's definitely not Starchild, since we could stare into Adam Lambert's gorgeous eyes all day long. (We wouldn't kick him out of bed, either.)

But we could see why Glee might want to make Eli C. and Starchild the same person. After all, with there being a possibility that Kurt is developing a crush on Starchild, it would be fascinating if Blaine and Kurt both were interested in the same other guy. And if Blaine and Starchild did hook up, it would make for a shocking reunion if Kurt ever introduced them.

Long story short, the odds aren't good. But it would be nice to finally learn a little more about Eli C., right?

Are you hoping Eli and Starchild really are one and the same, or if you think that would be too ridiculous, even for Glee?

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