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Glee’s Rachel (Lea Michele) just lost the love of her life, and she’s been having a rough go of it lately. Sure, she just landed the role of a lifetime starring as Fanny in the Broadway revival of Funny Girl, but she’s also forced to deal with the seemingly impossible task of somehow adjusting to life without Finn (Cory Monteith).

And to do so, she’d making some extreme choices. In the first few scenes of the episodes, we see Rachel show up to rehearsals with short hair. It’s an adorable bob, but it’s a ton shorter than the long chestnut locks we’re used to seeing.

Credit: Video Still

Her reasoning for the switch? ”I’ve kind of been going through hell the past month,” she says. Well, no one can argue with that.

When Kurt (Chris Colfer) sees her, his jaw drops to the floor. But he instantly knows the reason behind it. “Is this about Finn?,” he asks.

Rachel admits to it, but she’s not sorry. “If part of my grieving process is diving headfirst into life, so be it.” She and Kurt then decided to take this whole rebellion thing further, and go and get tattoos.

But back to the hair for a second. It’s adorably short and cute, but is it real? Nope. Rachel quickly shows Kurt that the entire thing was nothing but a wig. She told her director as much as soon as rehearsal was over. Instead of being mad, he was actually impressed. He might even let her wear it in the show.

Are you glad Rachel’s short hair was actually just a wig, or were you kind of hoping she’d chopped all her hair off for real?

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