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Have you ever wondered what Glee star Darren Criss (Blaine) would look like with blonde hair and facial hair? No, we haven’t ever really wondered that either. But regardless, you can now see what that would look like, for better or worse.

In a sign that Chord Overstreet (Sam) had a little too much free time on his hands recently, the Glee star did a face-morph using a photo of Darren and a photo of Glee director Eric Stoltz. And the results are… well, they’re certainly weird. And yet for some reason, we just can’t stop staring at these two photos.

Chord has cleverly titled the photos “Derick Stoltz.” In one of them, we see Darren’s face but with blonde hair and a scruffy, Abraham Lincoln-style beard. In the other one, Eric’s face now has Darren’s slicked-back coif, not to mention Darren’s black shirt and red tie.

Other than the fact that these photos are pretty funny, we found ourselves wondering whether they were taken from the set of an upcoming episode, meaning that the curtain behind the guys’ heads is a hint at storylines to come. However, the photos were actually taken during the filming of Season 3, Episode 21: “Nationals,” which is the last Glee episode that Eric has directed.

It’s fun to see Darren with a very different ‘do, but we think we’re much happier with him having his dark hair and minus the Abe beard. But what do you think? Should Darren try going blond for real? And more importantly, does Chord need to find himself a more productive hobby?

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