The cast of Glee has obviously had a tough year as they continue to grapple with the loss of Cory Monteith. Now, one Glee star is explaining just what Cory meant to him.

Chord Overstreet (Sam) appears on Ellen DeGeneres's talk show this week and tells Ellen how everyone on the show has been dealing with Cory's death.

"It's been difficult so far," Chord says. "We've all grouped together and really gotten a lot closer 'cause we've all been going through the same thing."

"He was the heart of the show, and he was a big part of it to everybody, and to me as well," he continues. "He was one of my best friends."

Chord says he hopes to be able to be a leader on the set in the way that Cory was. "It really challenges me to take over his role and just how great he was to everybody," Chord says. "He was that glue. He was just what stuck everybody together."

When Ellen says that Cory seemed very sweet, Chord responds, "Just one of the most genuine, genuine people and the most fun person to ever watch dance."

It's great to hear Chord remember Cory, and we continue to wish the best to everyone who knew Cory.

SourceThe Ellen Show on YouTube