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We saw Mommy Kurt kissing Santa Claus! It's throwback time for tonight's recap of Glee Season 5, Episode 8: "Previously Unaired Christmas," as the NYC crew takes on a surprising gig, while the McKinley kids create a living Nativity scene. So throw on your suspenders, go dumpster-diving for Christmas ornaments, and put a Santa hat on your pet vole!

Have Yourself a Shirtless Little Christmas

At the start of the episode, Jane Lynch breaks the fourth wall and informs us that tonight's Christmas episode is actually one that was kept in a vault since last season. This is quite the convenient way to get around the fact that it isn't actually December on Glee Season 5, no?

So we flashback to 2012, when Kurt and Blaine are still kaput, and a pre-Fanny Rachel is willing to dress up as a mall elf. Santana is visiting for the holidays, so she joins Kurt and Rachel at the mall, where she ends up with an ill-advised stint as Mrs. Claus. But how cute is it when Santana tells the kids about Brittany? On a side note: Getting to see Brittana reunited is the only thing on our Christmas lists this year.

We don't blame those three for inviting a shirtless Santa named Cody to their apartment, since we wouldn't have resisted either. After a completely bizarre Chipmunks cover tune, Cody convinces everyone to loosen up, leading to Kurt hooking up with him (go, Kurt!), and the girls passing out. The next morning, they realize they've been robbed. Wait, so getting wasted with a complete stranger was a bad idea? Who knew?

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX. ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co.

I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Over in McKinley, New Directions is doing a Nativity scene and holding auditions for the Virgin Mary. Marley lands the part, but she can tell that Kitty really wants it. When the glee club decides that playing Mary might actually make Kitty nice (shudder to think), Unique volunteers to stand in as Mary until Kitty changes her mind. Nothing like some good, old-fashioned head games.

Meanwhile, Sue holds a green Christmas tree-decorating contest, which glee manages to win, despite the fact that we kinda loved the football team's jockstrap-covered one. When Becky is down that her trash-filled tree didn't blow away the competition, Sam and Tina offer her the role of baby Jesus. And is it just us, or does Jake like kinda hot with that fake beard? 

Our Favorite Scene of the Week

Overall, this episode was a fun-filled blast from the past with some excellent Christmas tunes. We had a few beefs, like the fact that Brittany didn't return — not cool, Glee! — or that we didn't get a Klaine duet, which tends to be our favorite part of the holidays. Also, between this episode's helium tank and last week's gas leak, Glee has to chill out on constantly trying to encourage people to huff fumes. 

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX. ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co.

But those were minor quibbles, as there was plenty to love this week. For our "Favorite Scene of the Week," we're going with Rachel telling Santana to move to NYC, since we love seeing their friendship grow. Our runner-up scene is the aforementioned moment where Santa Santana talks all about Brittany (sob!), not to mention all of Santana's hilarious quips to the kids. 

And we also have to mention how much we enjoyed Bryce Johnson's portrayal of Cody, as he is the same actor who played the (spoiler alert!) late Detective Wilden on Pretty Little Liars. Then again, Bryce seems to only play unlikable characters, given that Cody was kind of a pig. (Get it — "pig"? Because Wilden's body got replaced by a dead pig on PLL?)

All in all, this was an awesome way to kick the holiday season into high gear. No, we're not thrilled about waiting until February (!) for the next new episode, but we suppose we'll make it. In the meantime, we'll try to not invite strange shirtless guys who are dressed like Santa back to our homes. No promises.