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We're still seriously stressing out at the thought of Glee potentially leaving our TVs in the spring of 2015 following Season 6. But one thing that would definitely ease our pain would be a Glee spinoff  and Lea Michele (Rachel) appears to want one, too!

Lea tells Extra that she hasn't gotten tired of playing Rachel, and that she would love for a Glee spinoff to happen. "I would be happy for there to be a spinoff, and then another spinoff, and then Rachel's at the senior citizen home, and we're singing for everyone," Lea quips.

"I love my job, I love Glee, I love Ryan [Murphy], I love my cast, and I would be happy to play Rachel Berry till I'm old with a cane," she adds.

This is amazing news! Often, stars of TV shows  and specifically teen dramas  get tired of playing the same role day-in and day-out. Plus, Lea has a burgeoning film career that we could see her wanting to focus on, so the fact that she's so loyal to the show that made her a star is awesome.

But will there really be a Glee spinoff? "I'm not sure — they're keeping lots of secrets from us," Lea teases about the Glee producers. "You guys have to call Ryan Murphy — you're gonna get me in trouble. Am I turning red or something?" 

But seriously, folks, Lea says she's as in the dark as we are about whether plans for a spinoff are moving forward. "No, I haven't heard anything about [it]," she says.

So if you're keeping score, Lea is now one of two major Glee components who are onboard with starring in a sequel, along with Naya Rivera (Santana). And we're not really sure how Fox execs would say no to a show starring Lea and Naya, right?

Are you surprised that Lea wants to appear in a spinoff? And do you want it to happen, or do you think there's no way a sequel could top the original?

Source: ExtraTV on YouTube