At age 53, Glee’s Jane Lynch has been in Hollywood for a bit longer than most of her co-stars. And she’s seen a lot of change over the years. The openly gay actress and Illinois native recently spoke with a magazine in her home state, Michigan Avenue, where she was asked if it’s become easier to be out in Hollywood.

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“First of all, Hollywood is so gay and has been forever — maybe not so much in front of the camera, and most people just didn’t know,” Jane said.

But in terms of gay characters being portrayed in front of the camera, that’s only started to happen more in recent years. And Glee has definitely been a big part of that. Still, Jane quickly acknowledges that there’s still a ways to go.

“It is much easier, but I think we still have a problem as an audience — we haven’t come far enough to where we will accept an openly gay person in a straight love interest role, whereas they can happen on Broadway all the time. That’s the next thing around the corner.”’

While there still aren’t too many examples of this, one noticeable recent occurrence is in Disney’s new animated movie, Frozen, where Glee guest star Jonathan Groff (Jesse) is the first openly gay actor to voice a Disney prince. Other former Glee guests like Matt Bomer of White Collar and Neil Patrick Harris of How I Met Your Mother are also openly gay actors who play straight characters with straight love interests.

But this is very much still the exception, not the norm. In any case, though, it’s proof that things in TV and film are starting to change, and we hope we’ll soon have even more examples to add to the list!

Source: Michigan Avenue magazine

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