Anyone remember back in 2012 when Lea Michele was asked if she and Cory Monteith had matching tattoos? At the time, the Glee star demurred, responding to Extra reporter Terri Seymour with an embarrassed giggle, “People just say the craziest things, don’t they?” Well it turns out in that case, the crazy things people say are true.

When Terri and Lea caught up on the red carpet for part one of the X Factor season finale, Lea fessed up. Sorta. After bringing up their past red carpet encounter, Lea asked Terri incredulously, “How did you know?”

Well, Terri’s either psychic or not revealing her sources. In any case, Lea essentially confirms that the entertainment reporter had her number the whole time. “Well now you get the exclusive on Extra!” Lea said with a laugh.

Now we can’t stop speculating which tattoo it could be. Lea has at least 14 that we know of, but who knows where she might have one or two we don’t know about hidden on her person. After all, she’s proven how well she can keep a secret.

One bit of ink with a Cory connection we can confirm is a ribcage tattoo of the last words Cory said to her (and the title of a song from her upcoming album, Louder): “If you say so.”

Source: Extra