It's still hard to believe that Cory Monteith is really gone. Now that the year is coming to a close, Glee creator Ryan Murphy is reflecting on his relationship with Cory.

"From the beginning, Cory and I had a father-son relationship, which at that time I have to admit I did not want," Ryan tells Entertainment Weekly. "I didn't know how to do that. But Cory  from a broken home, a lost boy  needed a male figure to provide guidance, support, a direction. In retrospect, Cory was kind of my training wheels for becoming the father I am today with my own child."

Ryan says that Cory was always warm to his fellow cast members. "He was a natural leader, and always, a welcome embrace," Ryan says. "When new cast members joined the show  and that choir room can at first be a chilly one  Cory was the first to speak to them, welcome them, show them the ropes." 

Ryan says that Cory didn't know how to dance when he started on the show, and he wasn't really trained at singing, but he became talented at both. "He gave both his heart, and that is what Cory was to me  all heart," Ryan adds.

Source: Entertainment Weekly print edition