Credit: FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: New Directions Performs at Regionals in Episode 1.22, "Journey"

Who's ruling the school, and who's hitting sour notes? We rank the major players of Glee based on how they did in this week's episode to see who's on top in our weekly Power Rankings! Let the countdown begin!


8 (out of 8)
Last week's ranking: N/A
The good: Typically stoic Emma goes right after Figgins to defend glee, which we love. And we love any scene where someone hates their boss because it makes us pretend that it's a scene from Nine to Five. And we'll take any excuse we can get to crank up the Dolly Parton!
The bad: She's dating her dentist?! How can she do this to us... uh, we mean Will — how can she do this to Will. Oh, wait — the dentist is going to be played by John Stamos? Okay, now we see how she can do this to Will! At least now we know that she's not just dating her dentist for the free magazines.



Last week: 8 (out of 8)
The good: She nearly brought the house down with that rendition of "Faithfully." And yet it was only good enough for third place? It feels like the year 2000 all over again because we're demanding a recount! Then, we're going to put on some Limp Bizkit, maybe catch a showing of Cast Away, and feel an overall sense of relief that the whole Y2K thing is behind us.
The bad: New Directions comes in third, and her mom turns down that offer to coach at McKinley. Two losses in one night? Not even the Los Angeles Clippers lose that often.



Last week:
The good: It was great to see his whole attitude about how winning isn't everything. Granted, it might have been his 100th speech this season about how winning isn't everything, but at least — now that they lost — he had a chance to walk the walk.
The bad: The guy finally takes some initiative with Emma, but only after she throws down the gauntlet with that tidbit about her new boyfriend. We had no idea that dentists were the type to grab the bull by the horns, but we guess we were dead wrong!



Last week: 1
The good: We loved the scene where he and Quinn admire their new baby girl. We just hope that, in the back of his head, he wasn't counting down the days until she turns 18 and can set him up with her friends.
The bad: It was great to see him duet with Schue on "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." But wouldn't the old Puck have punched a guy for playing the ukulele? Maybe it's just us, but we're afraid that our friend Puck is getting a little soft.



Last week: N/A
The good: Between the trophy and the new baby, she experienced quite a few highs, although she's now obviously going to have a lot of extra expenses. Trophy polish can get expensive.
The bad: Watching those scenes with Rachel can be tough. Besides the obvious reasons that a person needs a mom around, Rachel clearly wants someone who she can just talk to about things like boys and beauty products, and a gay best friend like Kurt can only go so far. (Plus, we're pretty sure Kurt would never want to be best friends with Rachel!)



Last week:
1, tied with Puck
The good: Rachel and Finn forever! Finn finally tells Rachel "I love you," and Finn saying this to her might be the three most surprising words that a character could say on the show, until the day we hear Brittany say, "I joined Mensa."
The bad: Let's hope that Finn doesn't have eyes for Quinn again, now that she'll be losing her baby weight. Of course, dating MILFs has always been more of Puck's thing anyway.



Last week:
The good: Who knew that we'd see Sue looking out for someone else for a change?! (Sue looking out for someone else? Surely, that's a typo, right?)
The bad: A calm Sue is almost worse than a mad-as-Uma-Thurman-in-Kill-Bill Sue, as it's harder to predict what havoc the calm Sue is going to create. Just rest assured — come next season, there most certainly will be havoc! Let's just try to keep Sue away from the samurai swords.



Last week: 5
The good: Looks like she saved her best week for last! Quinn makes her first-ever appearance in the top spot in our last Power Rankings of the season. Everything was coming up Quinn: Her mom returned to reconcile with her, Puck was by her side to admire baby Beth, and we even see that the Quinn-Mercedes sisterhood continues! Plus, with Shelby as Beth's mom, at least Beth will know what it's like to be around a vocal coach who's capable of winning Regionals! (Too soon?)
The bad: Not much bad to report this week from Quinn. We know — we're shocked, too! And with the baby plotline behind her, let's hope the writers can come up with something for her to do next season that won't turn her into a total downer for the entire year!