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Do you have one of the jobs where sleeping at work is frowned upon? Well, it appears that the Glee set is not one of the places, as a tuckered-out Dianna Agron (Quinn) proves. Someone get this woman a pillow!

We've always known that Dianna is absolutely gorgeous when she's awake, but now we're learning that the same is true while she's catching some shut-eye. On January 31, Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) posts a pic of Dianna after Di fell asleep in her chair on the show's set while waiting to film Season 5, Episode 13: "New Directions."

"Always miss having this beautiful sleeping beauty on set," Jenna captions the cute pic. "Ah, Friday night. Nice to have her back for a bit. ❤️"

Awww! We have to agree that Dianna truly is a sleeping beauty here. And we can't blame Di for wanting to grab a quick nap, as the Glee stars had ridiculously early call times last week, and there's always tons of downtime on a TV shoot. 

We're thrilled that Dianna is back for a couple Glee episodes, and we're extra excited about the fact that Quinn appears to be spending quite a bit of quality time with baby daddy Puck (Mark Salling). Here's what one member of the Glee family tweeted from the set last week: 

That's right, Quick fans: Get ready for some intense moments! Will those two be back on, despite the fact that Quinn will apparently be dating a cutie named Biff, played by the one and only Chace Crawford? It's quick-ly sounding that way. 

Do you want Quinn and Puck to get together?

Source: Jenna Ushkowitz on InstagramJohn Lock on Twitter