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Glee certainly is going through an insane amount of transition these days, isn't it? For one thing, the show is moving to NYC after the 100th episode, meaning that some of McKinley's students  including this character — won't appear in the latter part of Season 5. Now, we're finding out that another Glee star just booked a major theater role, meaning he might be leaving, too.

Glee is a prime place for theater productions to look for potential cast members. Lea Michele (Rachel) got her start on the stage, while Darren Criss (Blaine) took some time off from Glee a few years back to replace Daniel Radcliffe on Broadway in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

Now, Matthew Morrison (Schue) is primed to return to his theater roots. Deadline reports that Matty has been cast in the lead role of the upcoming musical theater project Finding Neverland, produced by Hollywood titan Harvey Weinstein. The musical will be based on the 2004 film, which starred Johnny Depp as Peter Pan creator J.M. Barrie, and now Matt will play Barrie. The show will have a developmental workshop in March, and if all goes well, will premiere in late summer in Cambridge, MA.

And while we're thrilled for Matt, who had expressed a desire lately to get back to theater, we're worried that this means Schue won't be part of the jump to NYC. Jayma Mays (Emma) has already announced that she only has two Glee episodes left, so it seems that Schue's days just might be numbered, too. Sob!

Do you think this news means that Matt is leaving Glee for good?

Source: Deadline