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We had started to assume that there wasn't anything music-related that Glee hadn't already tried. However, we're still managing to get a first in Season 5, as a song's original musician has never before played along with the Glee version of their song  until now!

In Season 5, Episode 10: "Trio," Rachel (Lea Michele) and Starchild (Adam Lambert) perform a duet of the '70s Heart classic, "Barracuda." And what makes their duet even more special — besides the fact that their voices sound amazing on the tune — is that Heart member Nancy Wilson plays all the guitar parts on the song. 

Dot-Marie Jones (Beiste) broke the news on Twitter on March 3. She tweeted:

Is there anything Glee can't do? We think not? And we love how excited Dot-Marie is about Nancy being included in the Glee rendition. Come to think of it, we're actually a little surprised that Glee hasn't yet gotten an original artist to play on their songs before. Way to be a trailblazer, Nancy!

As it turns out, Lea is actually a huge Heart fan. Back when she first informed us all that she'd be doing a duet with Adam, she teased that they were performing "one of my all time favorite female rock songs." Talk about high praise!

What did you think of Glee's version of "Barracuda"? 

Source: Dot-Marie Jones on Twitter