If you’re bummed that a bunch of your favorite Glee faces have been missing lately, you’re in luck, as a slew of characters are returning for the show’s 100th episode milestone! But which of the returnees are you most looking forward to catching up with in Season 5, Episode 12: “100”? Here’s a rundown of who’s coming back and why we’re excited to see each of them.


Brittany’s storyline was suddenly cut short at the end of Season 4, which had a lot to do with Heather becoming a mom. And while we’re curious about how Brittany is faring at MIT we’re guessing she’s either on the verge of flunking out or is breezing through her classes with a 4.0 GPA we really just want to see if there’s still chemistry between her and Santana. And sure, we want to see what shenanigans Lord Tubbington is up to, too.


Like Brittany, Quinn has yet to pop up on the show in Season 5, and Glee going that long without Quinn should be illegal or something. So we’re super excited to learn the latest on her love life. Indeed, we can’t wait to meet her new beau, Biff played by the always-adorable Chace Crawford and we’re also excited about rumors that she might be getting back with ex-boyfriend Puck! The more things change…


Puck had some incredibly powerful scenes in this season’s Cory Monteith tribute episode, “The Quarterback,” so we’re interested in seeing how Puck has been dealing with the loss. In fact, the only thing we’re certain of is that the guy is going to look great in that Air Force uniform.


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Gwyneth Paltrow lights up the screen whenever she’s on Glee, so we’re thrilled that she’s back as Holly Holliday. How has Cleveland been treating her? We can’t wait to find out and to see her butt heads again with Sue, just for old times’ sake.


If anyone has the chutzpah to stand up to Sue’s efforts to disband the glee club, it’s April. And indeed, we’ll be seeing April attempt to use her inheritance money to save the club. Will it do the trick? Let’s just say that, knowing April, you can safely bet that things aren’t going to go as planned. And that excessive amounts of booze will be involved.