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We're thrilled beyond belief that the endlessly talented Chris Colfer (Kurt) will be writing an upcoming Glee Season 5 episode. So what will the episode be about? Er, don't ask.

Chris tells TV Line that, if he had his druthers, his episode would be dedicated to the Queen of Twerk. "I think we’re going to do something … with animals and the elderly," Chris quips. "I kind of have this shot to do a really selfish episode, which if it was for me, I would probably have done a Miley Cyrus tribute episode. But I’m trying to do the best episode that I can, rather than do something selfish."

Uh, okay. So we're not going to complain about seeing animals and the elderly  since this would probably mean a ton of Lord Tubbington scenes, right?!  but we're guessing he's just joking around. However, he ensures us all that his episode will deliver. "I promise that it’s better than it sounds," he adds. 

We now can't wait to see his episode, since it turns out that he gets to pick all of the songs in it, too! And how amazing would it be if he got to write the Klaine wedding episode?

What are you hoping Kurt's episode will be about?

Source: TV Line