Okay, we all know that Glee doesn’t necessarily strive for realism. Still, there were just too many logic fails during this week’s Season 5, Episode 12: "100," for us to ignore. Here are our top four — and let us know in the comments if we missed any!

Quinn is allowed in the guys' locker room?

We're not complaining at all about Puck and Quinn's moving scene in the McKinley locker room as they admire the memorial for Finn. Still, we're not sure how Quinn knew that no dudes would be showering when she happened to waltz in there.

Puck wears his Air Force uniform while off duty

We love seeing a hot guy in uniform as much as everyone else does. But we just didn't understand why Puck would show up to his old high school in his uniform rather than in civilian garb. And by the way, Puck better hope Biff doesn't decide to press charges for assault. 

Glee needs to chill on all the ties

The glee club members weren't the only ones frustrated by the tie between Mercedes and Rachel. Indeed, we find it hard to believe that the two just happened to get the exact same number of votes. And somehow, an awful lot of ties seem to happen at McKinley, as we saw recently with the valedictorian race. 

Why would they sing "Happy" in an episode that's all about previous songs?

Holly and the kids did a bang-up job on "Happy," and it certainly ended the episode on an upbeat note. But the fact that it's currently a hit song on the charts makes us wonder if the network asked for a new tune to get shoehorned into the episode in order to goose the show's iTunes sales. Not that we're ones to be cynical, mind you. Not at all.