Sadly, we’ve come to this: glee club’s swan song on tonight’s Glee Season 5, Episode 13: “New Directions.” It’s time for our recap of the last McKinley episode ever (sob!), so crack open a wine cooler, pull a duck out of a hat, and perform “Don’t Stop Believin’” for the 3,278th time.  

When In Doubt, Attend a Foam Party

How amazing was the Friends-esque start to the episode? Or, to put it the way Chandler Bing might have: Could a Friends homage be any better? We think not. Indeed, Tina is ready to channel the classic ‘90s sitcom by joining her pals in NYC, but then she ends up getting into Brown. We’ll miss ya, Tina!

Rachel and Santana are still feuding, and you know it’s bad when not even a stellar Dreamgirls duet by the cuter-than-ever Kurtcedes is good for what ails them. Luckily, Brittany talks some sense into Santana and convinces her to quit Funny Girl, which gives us hope for Pezberry’s friendship. Plus, Brittany somehow has money to buy tickets to the Greek islands. Perhaps hosting a web-based talk show is more lucrative than we thought?

Glee-duation Day

Brittana is totally adorable this week, with Brittany buying Santana all those lilies, and then Santana finding a way for Brittany to graduate. By the time we learned that Brittana will both be in NYC together, we were pretty much squealing at the top of our lungs. Too happy!

Quick has its moments, too. Quinn and Puck sing a stellar duet of “Just Give Me a Reason” and then announce they’re going to try dating for the first time. We’re not sure how that’ll work, with one at Yale and the other in the Air Force. But we can’t blame Quinn for trying something different, given her terrible track record with Yale guys lately. (No offense, Biff.) And Puck does look awesome in that uniform.

Finally, Holly and April encourage the students to record a incredibly touching goodbye video for Schue, followed by an emotional performance of “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Then, Sue and Schue share wine coolers as Sue tells Schue she got him an interview to be the Vocal Adrenaline coach. Hey, if Dustin Goolsby was somehow qualified for that job, then Schue certainly is, right?

Our Favorite Scene of the Night

To be honest, this was a far more emotional episode than we expected it to be. In fact, we might have cried more tonight than we have during any Season 5 episode since “The Quarterback.” Don’t get us wrong — we’re beyond thrilled about seeing the all-NYC Glee episodes. But it’s definitely the end of an era for the show, and it will be weird not to have Schue, Sue, or the younger New D members around much anymore.

On the bright side, the fact that Brittany will be joining the gang in the Big Apple more than makes up for the episode’s sad moments. It’s been tough that our favorite couples have been apart for the past few seasons, so getting too see Klaine and Brittana in NYC starting next week is pretty much the best news ever.

Of course, we must point out that it was tough to see Rachel watch how happy Quinn and Puck are together. We’ve got a hug with your name on it, Rach. And speaking of hugs, who else wanted to hug Gwyneth, given her real-life divorce news? Life sucks sometimes.

For our “Favorite Scene of the Night” award, we’re going with Santana inviting Brittany to NYC, even though any of their scenes this week could have taken our top spot. Our runner-up scene is that awesome performance of “Don’t Stop” — is there anything that a Journey song can’t do? — and in third place, we’re going with the Friends homage.

All in all, this was a top-notch episode that almost felt like a series finale. Luckily, it’s not a series finale, and we have a ton of awesome NYC action to look forward to. And so, we bid Lima farewell. If anyone needs us, we’ll be drinking expired wine coolers. Want one?