The stars of Glee should probably be a little bit concerned about what Chris Colfer (Kurt) is going to make them do in the upcoming Season 5 episode he's writing. Be afraid, everyone. 

It was announced earlier this month that Chris  who wrote the film Struck by Lightning and the children's book series Land of Stories  will be soon writing a Glee episode. Now, Chris tells Entertainment Weekly that he's looking forward to making his pals do whatever he wants them to. 

“Usually when I’m writing a project, it only affects me,” Colfer says. “But now it affects everyone I’m working with. Sometimes I want to torture my castmates a bit!”

Chris adds that writing the episode means that he has to learn about everyone else's storylines, including ones he's not as familiar with. And he's also a bit apprehensive about how his co-stars will react when they read his writing. "I just don’t want my cast members to be reading it and go, 'Oh crap!'" he quips.

We're pretty sure Chris doesn't need to worry about anyone criticizing his writing, since he's incredibly talented. But we're curious to see how he might torture everyone!

What do tricks do you think Chris will have in store for the cast? 

Source: Entertainment Weekly