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We're having a tough time processing the fact that so many beloved Glee characters won't be on the show much anymore, if at all. One characters who is indeed out the door is Emma (Jayma Mays), as Jayma has confirmed she is leaving the show. But how will Emma be written out?

Jayma appeared on Chelsea Lately this week and says she doesn't actually know how Glee will explain Emma's absence. "They could kill her off, I'm not really sure," Emma jokes. "She has obsessive-compulsive disorder on the show, so she could like sanitize herself to death, so she could just rub all her skin off." Uh, let's hope that's not the case. 

But seriously, Jayma is hoping that Emma and Schue (Matthew Morrison) will enjoy starting a family, now that there's a Wemma baby on the way. "I actually don't know what's in store for them, although Emma is pregnant, so I imagine that will be their storyline," the actress says.

Frankly, we would be shocked if Emma were to get killed off. This would just be too much for Schue to handle, given that he's been dealing with Finn's (Cory Monteith) passing. So we prefer to just assume that Emma will be busy in Lima, caring for her sure-to-be-curly-haired bundle of joy!

How do you think the show will explain Emma's absence? 

Source: E! Online