We've been loving the past few Glee episodes, especially now that the action is all in NYC. But we're learning that an upcoming Glee episode will include a ton of surprises  including a possible trial!

E! Online is revealing a number of tidbits from a soon-to-air episode, although it's unclear which episode is being discussed. "In an upcoming episode, there will be a defense attorney, a manager of an animal shelter, nurses, reporters, and a lady with a dog in her purse," teases E! Online. 

Hmm. So what do we make of this smattering of spoilers? Well, we're guessing this is referring to Season 5, Episode 19: "Old Dogs, New Tricks," given the mention of the dog. As you may know, this is the episode that Glee star Chris Colfer (Kurt) has written, and he cryptically claims that the episode is about "animals and the elderly." 

The part that we're most intrigued by is "defense attorney." Will one of the main characters face legal drama? And is this why reporters are involved? Yikes. We just want this episode to get here already!

What do you think about the spoilers about this unnamed episode? And why do think there will be an attorney? 

Source: E! Online