We've been thrilled for quite some time about the fact that Chris Colfer (Kurt) has written an upcoming Glee episode. But the more we hear about the episode, the more excited we're getting for it!

Chris has written Season 5, Episode 19: "Old Dog, New Tricks." He hasn't divulged too much about the episode, other than the fact that it will involve "animals and the elderly." If you say so, Chris. 

Now, Glee writer Michael Hitchcock  who also plays choir director Dalton Rumba on the show  is revealing that this will be quite the star-studded episode. "Some very cool guests coming to visit in @chriscolfer's script. :)" Michael tweeted cryptically on April 11. 

And Chris appears to confirm that the episode will be a memorable one. "I am dying!" Chris replies. "Can't wait!!!"

So which guest stars might they be referring to? The one guest we know who will be appearing on the show in an upcoming episode is Star Wars legend Billy Dee Williams. So maybe he'll be in Chris's episode? This would be appropriate, given how much Blaine (Darren Criss) enjoys Star Wars. Hmmm...

Who are you hoping to see appear in Chris's episode? 

Source: Chris on Twitter