Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) is nearing a very big day on Glee with next week's episode, as she'll be performing on a Broadway stage for the first time as the star of Funny Girl. Now, we're learning which songs we're likely to hear throughout the episode.

According to the rumored song list for Season 5, Episode 17: "Opening Night," Glee will be tackling the tune "I'm the Greatest Star" for the second time. The song was first performed by Kurt (Chris Colfer) back in Season 3, and now Rachel will singing it onstage in Funny Girl. 

The other songs in the episode run the gamut from '90s one-hit-wonder to current indie rock hit to show tune. We'll be hearing upbeat '90s song "Lovefool," originally performed by Swedish band The Cardigans, as well as current hit "Pumpin' Blood" by another Swedish band, NONONO. Those Swedes really know how to crank out the hits.

Here's the full list of songs we can look forward to:

Rumored Song List

The Cardigans' "Lovefool"

"NYC" from Annie

"I'm the Greatest Star" from Funny Girl

"Who Are You Now?" from Funny Girl

"Pumpin' Blood" by NONONO

Are you excited about the selected songs? Or do you wish that different songs had been chosen?