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If you ask us, it would be downright impossible to pick out the all-time craziest moments on Glee. However, the show's cast members recently managed to do just that  and you'll probably be surprised by their picks!

Dianna Agron (Quinn) has a number of selections, including one scene that proved just big of an American Idol fan Quinn apparently is. "I didn't expect to have a Ryan Seacrest tattoo," Dianna admits. "[Also,] slushies being thrown in your face is not something you expect will happen at your job."

For Chris Colfer (Kurt), the scene that stands out is from Season 4's Christmas episode. "Darren [Criss] and I did a number on an ice-skating rink in the middle of New York City, and that was crazy," Chris says. "How many times do you get to rent out an ice-skating rink in the middle of New York City?" We're guessing not many. 

As for Naya Rivera (Santana), she opted for a more recent but still wacky moment. "The Yeast-I-Stat commercial was really fun," Naya says about Santana's first acting gig in Season 5. "I love my job."

We adore all these scenes! But yes, we still can't believe that Quinn got a tattoo of The Crest. 

Which crazy Glee scene is your favorite? 

Source: Glee on Fox