Glee has accrued a seriously impressive roster of guest stars over the years, including everyone from Kate Hudson to Jeff Goldblum to (*cough*) Lindsay Lohan. But there's one person that Kevin McHale (Artie) would still like to see appear on the show  and you'll never guess who it is!

Kevin was asked by Celebified to name his dream guest star to appear on Glee's final season. "My dad's been pitching himself for years now," Kevin says. "So if we only have another season, then I'll go with him. We've had a lot of great people. He's never acted in his life, but he thinks he can, so I'll go with him."

The interviewer suggests that Kevin can give him some pointers, but Kevin doesn't seem too confident in his own abilities as an acting instructor.  "[It's like,] 'Go ahead, try it  you'll never want to come back,'" Kevin jokes about what he would say to his pops. 

We think it's seriously adorable that Kevin wants his dad to be included in the Glee fun. And we have a feeling that Kevin's dad could more than hold his own in a small role. Make it happen, Ryan Murphy!

Are you surprised by Kevin's choice for his dream guest star? 

Credit: Celebified Photo: Glee Star Kevin McHale Talks About the Show's End (VIDEO)