We think it's awesome that the immensely talented Chris Colfer (Kurtwrote this week's Glee episode. And as it turns out, the show's producers and writers had some pretty high praise for Chris's episode.  

As we all know, Glee's first season is held in the utmost regard by the show's diehard fans. Indeed, there's really nothing better you can say about a current episode than comparing it to one from Season 1. And Chris's episode has received that exact comparison. 

Chris tell TV Line that writing Season 5, Episode 19: "Old Dog, New Tricks," was a great experience for him. "The biggest compliment I got from the crew and the cast when the script came out was that it reminded them of a Glee episode from Season 1," Chris says. "And we got some amazing [guest stars] to be in it."

As it turns out, Chris was in fact hoping that the episode would remind viewers of the show's glory days. "I wanted it to be very much like classic Glee," Chris admits. "I wanted to do a story about underdogs; I think that’s why we have such a passionate audience, because it was a show about a group of kids that had never had something represent them before." We concur!

Do you agree that Chris's episode felt like an episode from Season 1? 

Source: TV Line