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This season of The Glee Project has come to an end. Even though Blake Jenner was ultimately crowned the winner during the Season 2 finale, “Glee-ality,” even up until the very end, we were sure that Aylin Bayramoglu had a solid chance to win it all. Here are our top five reasons why she could have won:

1. She’s a Turkish Muslim

Maybe you’ve heard? She’s mentioned it before once or twice. In all seriousness, simply by being herself, Aylin has a story and a character that is tailor-made for Glee. We can’t blame her for championing her heritage and her story. Besides, Ryan Murphy said time and time again that he’s looking for people who inspire him to write for them. More than anyone else this season, that description applied to Aylin.

2. There’s no one else like her on TV right now.

When you combine Aylin’s unique, flirty personality with her conservative cultural background, there is no one else like her on Glee. Scratch that. There’s no one else like her anywhere on TV. With plenty of Glee Project contenders this season, it was easy to see who would have been “the next” jock or “the next” diva.  Aylin isn’t “the next” anything. She’s someone new entirely.

3. She’s got the vocal and acting chops needed.

Was Aylin the best vocal performer in the competition? Maybe not. But the girl still has some serious stage presence. And on top of that, she’s well-rounded and has a standout personality: also key ingredients needed for a successful character on Glee. And while some contenders have struggled to be believable actors, Aylin hit it out of the park during that music video shoot in “Actability.” Admit it: you probably teared up a bit while watching it. (Petition to make “Perfect” into a real movie, or at least some sort of TV special? We’d watch.)

Credit: The Glee Project on YouTube Photo: Watch: The Glee Project Does Pink's "Perfect" in Season 2, Episode 10: "Actability" — But It's Also a Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

4. Ryan Murphy likes the religious angle.

Ryan Murphy seems to have a thing for writing open-minded religious characters who defy the common stereotypes. Take last season, for example. Ryan was just itching to write Texas cutie Cameron Mitchell on the show as a “different kind” of Christian kid, until Cameron decided he didn’t want to play anymore. Undeterred, Ryan found a new Christian character in Season 1 winner Samuel Larsen’s Joe Hart. Aylin was Ryan’s chance to do this all over again — only with Islam, instead of Christianity, this time.

5. She’s a girl. It’s a girl’s turn to win.

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

Three of the top four contenders last season were guys. Lindsay Pearce was the only female who made it to the end, and once Alex Newell (Unique) comes back for his bigger Glee arc next season, Lindsay will officially be the finalist who got the least amount of screen time on Glee. With girls like Shanna Henderson — or Season 1’s Marissa von Bleicken — getting sent home despite receiving little to no critical feedback from the judges, it’s was time for a female contender to win it all. Aylin is talented, she’s unlike anybody we’ve seen before, and for crying out loud: This show needed some girl power to represent!

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