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Earlier, we gave you five reasons why Aylin Bayramoglu deserved to win The Glee Project 2, but that doesn’t change the fact that someone else ultimately beat her out in the end. Fellow contender Blake Jenner has been a frontrunner ever since he and his chiseled jaw, and that adorably floppy hair, first walked into the competition. Here are five reasons why Blake totally deserved to win the whole thing.

1. He’s the best actor of the group.

Most of the mentors seemed to agree Blake’s got the best acting chops of anyone in this year’s bunch. The 19-year-old Florida native has been living in Hollywood for about a year now, and he’s already landing roles. Blake appeared on ABC Family as a hot high school jock, because, let’s face it: That part is a perfect fit for him.

2. He has a great ability to adapt and learn new skills.

We still find it hard to believe that Blake never had a professional singing lesson before he entered this competition. We guess that explains his difficulty with being able to harmonize during “Romanticality” week, but what about, you know, every other song in the entire competition? He sounded great.

Blake has a natural talent for singing, and he learns fast. Even in dancing, the area of the competition where he has the least inherent skill, Blake always makes extra effort to put in the practice to get things learned in time. On a fast-paced show like Glee, raw talent and tireless determination to practice are simply a must.

3. Glee needs a new football jock.

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

In case you forgot, Finn (Cory Monteith), Puck (Mark Salling), and Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) all graduated last year. Sam’s (Chord Overstreet) still around, but he no longer plays for the football team. Like High School Musical before it, Glee thrives off the story of a star athlete who secretly dreams of getting to perform on stage. With Blake’s undeniably athletic and muscular build, he fits the part of high school jock to a T.

4. Viewers like him (cough, Aylin), and they know who he is (sorry, Ali).

One of Blake’s distinct advantage over both his final three competitors is his sheer likability and familiarity. Aylin Bayramoglu got plenty of screentime all season long, but fans just couldn't seem to decide whether they loved or hated her. Some loved her spunky personality and style, while others found her a bit annoying. In contrast, everybody loves Blake. He’s friendly, goofy, and kind to everyone.

The problem with fellow contender Ali is that we just did’t really know her as much. Ali got the least airtime out of any of the final three. As a result, we had the least chance to get to know her, and to form an opinion about her either way.

5. He’s just really, really hot.

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

Listing this as a reason sounds very superficial, but we still think it’s a point that shouldn’t be overlooked. Blake is a very attractive dude. People like to look at attractive dudes. Attractive dudes are good for Glee.

Think about it. If the majority of your audience is teenage girls, then casting a hot new male character just makes sense. Obviously, Blake has a lot more than just his looks going for him in this competition. But when it comes down to it, the fact that he has a pretty face certainly didn't hurt.

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