Being nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy Series at the NAACP Awards is quite the honor. Unfortunately, Glee’s Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones) couldn’t be there to celebrate!

After taking a fall down the stairs on Wednesday, the star took to Twitter.

"I am so clumsy, took an unexpected trip down my stairs smh very sore little banged up but I'm okay :) have a great day guys!” she tweeted.

Then on Friday, she shared that her fall was going to prevent her from the award show.

“My little fall was a little worse than I thought, was sad to miss the NAACP Awards today but I am so honored to have been nominated!” she added.

However, Amber seems to be in good spirits. She congratulated the winner in her category, Cassi Davis, and later thanked her mother for helping her to get better! Aww.

Source: Amber Riley on Twitter