Amber Riley’s Glee character, Mercedes Jones, is known for sporting all sorts of funky outfits that we’d never dream of putting together — and often for good reason. Luckily, Amber’s look is considerably dialed down for her appearance in the March 2010 issue of Elle. But that’s not to say she looks boring. This girl? Boring? Never! Piles of tough leather are punctuated by a delicate floral patterned dress and a rockin’ pair of zippered heels. It’s an interesting juxtaposition of pieces that we’re just itching to copy. Thankfully, it’s a snap to recreate Amber’s tough-but-sweet ensemble, even when you’re pinching pennies!

Pair pretty and punk like Amber:
1: Start off with a simple floral sundress that can be worn for all seasons. Lucca Couture Floral Mermaid Dress, $39.99; 2: Toughen up a dress with a slouchy biker jacket. ASOS Three Quarter Sleeve Leather Biker, $67.64; 3: Add another layer of leather with this slick, studded waist belt. ASOS Collar Stud Detail Waist Belt, $30.44; 4: It’s hard to resist Alexander Wang when it’s a fraction of the original price. NYLA Frisy Bootie, $54.94