Lea Michele (Rachel) looks lovely in this shot from Elle Magazine, but judging by the way she's coyly tugging at the hem of her tunic/dress, it seems that she's the latest starlet to enter the realm of no-pants fashion. But, as always, Lea looks terrific and not trashy at all, so we're ready to follow her leggy lead. Of course, it helps to have a super-toned bod like Ms. Michele, but at least we're all set on the fashion front!

















Show off your gams like Lea:

1: Throw caution to the wind and try a thigh-skimming tunic as a dress... Ringspun Cowl Front Tunic Dress, $59.18; 2: ...But wear a pair of cute shorts underneath just in case that wind whips around and blows your hemline up a few inches. Arden B. High Waist Tab Short, $19; 3: Cuff the sleeves on a soft grey blazer to lend it a vibe that's more casual than businesslike. Sparkle & Fade Shawl Collar Blazer, $78; 4: Adorn your wrist with a chain link cuff that lends instant chic points. ASOS Double Wrap Around Cuff, $16.91; 5: Go for a chunky heel in a soft ivory hue to finish off the look. Seychelles Twistin' the Night Away Sandal, $69.95