Rachel Berry is certainly not afraid of prints, patterns, or color... or any other jarring element you can throw onto an outfit. But every now and then — just when you're about to give up on her sartorially — the girl throws a style curveball. In Episode 1.14, "Hell-O," Rachel hit the stacks in a funky bow-printed sweater and pleated skirt that spoke to her overtly girlish style without going completely overboard. Even if Jesse St. James is faking interest in the budding starlet, we like to think that her minor style breakthrough helped reel him in. Still, we've put a grown-up spin on her outfit by replacing her penny loafers with a pair of leg-lengthening heels.

Wrap it up in style like Rachel:
1: The trompe l'oeil bow on this sweatshirt adds a touch of frippery to the casual staple without making it too fussy. Illustrated People Bow Print Raglan, $60; 2: Add a Berry hue into the mix with this magenta pleated skirt. Forever21 Pleated Skirt, $17.80; 3: But keep your palette from flying out of control with standard black tights. ASOS 50 Denier Opaque Tights, $6.76; 4: Push up your sleeves and reveal a gunmetal bow to flesh out the theme. Joomi NYC Hematite Mesh Bow Round Bangle Set, $63; 5: A pair of mid-height wedge heels is both school hallway and dance floor appropriate. Aldo Bibb Pump, $39.98

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