Hands up if you spend Saturday night flopped over on your couch and dry-heaving with happiness while watching Beyonce's HBO documentary, Life is But A Dream. Thought so. Basically, Beysus once again proved that she is a god amongst wo-men, and everyone is bowing down including our favorite Gleeks!

Check out The Glee Club's reaction to Queen Bey's television debut. OMG, sorry it's not TV, it's HBO.

Naya Rivera (Santana Lopez): "15 minutes until Beyonce's HBO documentary!"

Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones): "So inspiring #BeyonceLifeIsButaDream, she killed 'Listen' in that car."

Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams): "The Beyonce documentary was incredible. So inspiring. Bey da troof, yo."

Cheerio Hannah Douglass: "Life is but a dream. ❤"

Oh, and if you think you saw Hannah frolicking around in the background of Beyonce's documentary, you would be correct. Yep, when this girl isn't bounding around McKinley High School as a Cheerio, she can be found sashaying up a storm with our girl Bey! Basically, she's doing god's work, one gyration at a time.

We'll leave you with these parting words courtesy of our Queen: "God lives inside of me."

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