This week’s Glee did not disappoint, as it was packed with crazy twists and jaw-dropping moments — especially with Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) and Mercedes (Amber Riley) showing up to say hey. Here are our picks for the top five OMG moments from Season 4, Episode 5: “The Role You Were Born to Play.”

5. Mike and Mercedes are back

We had started to miss the missing New Directions graduates something fierce, so seeing Mike and Mercedes reunite with Artie (Kevin McHale) and Finn (Cory Monteith) in the McKinley hallway totally made our night, if not our month. Plus, Mercedes proves she’s still got it with her impressive vocals on “Born to Hand Jive.” Now if only Tina and Mike could reconcile, everything would indeed be right in our world.

4. Ryder makes his debut — and flirts with Marley while he’s at it.

Could Glee Project winner Blake Jenner have possibly made a better entrance on Glee than with his character Ryder Lynn doing those acrobatic end-zone dances as Beiste (Dot-Marie Jones) and Finn watch? We think not! In fact, we’re loving Ryder, and he and Marley (Melissa Benoist) were way cute while flirting. And yes, we may have been screaming as loudly as the onscreen audience was as Finn and Ryder performed “Juke Box Hero,” especially with Ryder flashing his abs. Long story short: We approve.

3. Blaine might be heartbroken, but boy, can he still sing!

Credit: Glee on Fox on YouTube Photo: Watch: Darren Criss's Blaine Sings Grease's "Hopelessly Devoted to You" in Glee Season 4, Episode 5: "The Role You Were Born to Play" (VIDEO)

Blaine (Darren Criss) definitely looked like he needed a hug this week as his break-up with Kurt (Chris Colfer) has left him heartbroken. (Okay, so we always want to hug Blaine, but that’s beside the point.) However, being down in the dumps hasn’t affected his vocal chords, which were as powerful as ever on “Hopelessly Devoted to You.” We agree with Artie that Blaine would have made a first-rate Danny, but if Blaine needs time to heal, we’re willing to give it to him.

2. Finn is directing Grease and leading glee. (Is there anything he can’t do?)

Finn finally has a goal? Hooray! Finn was cuter than ever as he took charge of Grease and scouted out the football field for new singers (which is a perfectly sensible place to find singers, right?). And we can’t wait to see Finn leading New Directions, now that Schue (Matthew Morrison)is headed to DC without Emma (Jayma Mays). Sounds like it’s time for Finn to try out the requisite uniform of a vest and hair gel!

1. Ryder and Marley land the lead roles. Sorry, Kitty!

Kitty (Becca Tobin) and Jake (Jacob Artist) made it a tight race — especially after they blew us away on “Everybody Talks” — but in the end, Marley and Ryder were named Danny and Sandy, and we think they’ll be pretty perfect in the roles. But who will Marley choose as her real-life arm candy? We’re not sure, but we can think of worse decisions to make than choosing between those two cuties.

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