Glee Project winner Blake Jenner (Ryder) hit up the red carpet at the premiere of Pitch Perfect on September 24, and the Glee cutie had some very familiar faces standing alongside him — his former Glee Project co-stars!

Michael Weisman tweeted this photo that he snapped during the middle of the crew’s red carpet stroll. Aylin Bayramoglu and Lily Mae Harrington are looking super-glam on either side of Blake, while Abraham Lim and TGP Season 1 finalist Alex Newell (Unique) are grinning big for the cameras further up the line.

Also joining Michael, Blake, and Co. at the premiere were Nellie Veitenheimer and Glee casting director Robert Ulrich. Sounds like quite the fun little group!

By the way is anyone else sort of entranced by how perfectly swooshy and windswept Blake’s hair looks in this photo? Between the hair, that movie star pose, and his classic black leather jacket — he’s looking the part of a superstar Glee celebrity already!

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