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This week’s Glee did not disappoint, as it was packed with crazy twists and jaw-dropping moments — especially with all those couples getting so cute! Here are our picks for the top five OMG moments from Season 3, Episode 16: “Saturday Night Glee-ver.”

5. Somebody give this cat a spin off!

We basically can’t get enough of Lord Tubbington, so it was a total blast to see him tidying up around the house. (If there was ever an all-cat remake of The Help, he would be a shoo-in.) How great would it be for someone on the show to sing a tune from CATS to him? And we’re thinking that, if Finn (Cory Monteith) decides that he does, in fact, want to become a competitive eater, Lord Tubbington could probably give him a few tricks of the trade.

4. Finn’s joining Rachel in NYC. And it’s his dream to become an actor. Who knew?!

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Is Glee about to become Entourage? We won’t go that far yet (although Sue [Jane Lynch] and Ari Gold would probably be besties), but Finn has indeed caught the acting bug. However, the biggest news was that Finn is ready to move to New York with Rachel (Lea Michele) and tells her, “I want to be a great man for you.” Time to strut! Let’s just hope Finn is still as excited about acting when he’s getting cast as “Corpse #2” on CSI.

3. Samcedes are brought together by the magic of YouTube.

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.

These two just get cuter by the minute! Normally, we’re not ones to encourage videotaping people without their permission (unless it’s for Punk’d), but Sam’s (Chord Overstreet) gamble pays off, as those positive YouTube comments encouraged Mercedes (Amber Riley) to pursue her singing career. C’mon — how could Mercedes ever think she was just “skim milk”?! (By the way, we’re guessing that Lord Tubbington has never tasted a drop of skim milk in his life.)

2. Say “hello” to Alex — and “hello, again!” to Jesse.

Credit: Glee on Fox on YouTube Photo: Watch! Alex Newell's Wade (as Unique) Sings "Boogie Shoes" in Glee Season 3, Episode 16: "Saturday Night Glee-ver" (VIDEO)

What’s good enough for Janet Reno is good enough for Unique, too! This week finally brought the debut of The Glee Project’s Alex Newell, as both Wade and Unique. Alex blew us away with “Boogie Shoes,” as to be expected, but our favorite scene of his might have been his sassy hallway appearance as his fur-wearing alter ego. And we loved seeing Jesse St. James [Jonathan Groff] (and his new haircut!), but it’s basically a crime for him to show up and not sing.

1. Brittana are simultaneously sexy and sweet — as always!

This was the Brittana moment we’ve all been waiting for! It’s strange to think that their “I love yous” came shortly after a scheme involving Brittany (Heather Morris) releasing their sex tape — although Brit did prove to be surprisingly savvy about how to get famous. And we were shocked that Brittany would have the foresight to apply to college for Santana (Naya Rivera). Too cute! Let’s just hope that Brittany used a breath mint in between eating that bull testicle and kissing Santana.

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