Though we still light a candle every night and pray to the God of ‘shipping for the eventual reunion of Brittana, we gotta accept that it’s over (at least for now). And with that acceptance, we should also probably consider that they’re going to see other people. In fact, we pretty much know that at least one of them will start a new relationship, soon. But who will move on first, Brittany (Heather Morris) or Santana (Naya Rivera)?

Early on in their relationship, it seemed like Santana’s feeling were much stronger than Brittany’s. Remember that emotional rendition of “Landslide”? As the relationship progressed, however, their affection for each other seemed evenly matched up until Santana left for college. Brittany has never struck us as a particularly emotional person, and she used to get around quite a bit, but it was clear by the end of “Glee Season 4, Episode 4: "The Break-Up” that Brittany’s love for Santana runs deep.

With Santana’s world growing much bigger at college, it wouldn’t surprise us if she was the first to move on from the relationship, though we believe her when she says she will always love Brittany the most (*sniffle*).

On the other hand, with Santana off in Louisville these days, it might make more sense for the writers to explore Brittany in a new relationship or flirtation. We already have word that Brit and Sam will have a one-sided crush, but we don’t know yet know who is crushing on whom.

Regardless of who rebounds faster, one thing is for certain: if Brittany and Santana don’t eventually end up together, legions of Brittana shippers may end up sending show creator Ryan Murphy to an early grave!

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