Credit: GLEEonFOX

Leave Brittany S. Pierce/Britney Spears alone! No. Seriously.

Last night’s Britney 2.0 Glee episode was worlds away from the original Brit-centric show. Whereas Britney 1.0 was full of bright dance performances and so much sass, it coulda used another half an hour, this edition just seemed a little... sad.

We love Brittany S. Pierce. Like love love her, so watching her epic meltdown was tough for us. One thing we did enjoy a little was watching BSP reenact the infamous Britney Spears umbrella/paparazzi incident. The Glee version took place in the hallway at McKinley when total pain Jacob Ben Israel (Josh Sussman) finally got what was coming to him, in the form of a full-on beat-down. (If you remember, JBI totally lost it during the first Britney/Brittany episode, getting toxically turned on during one of the performances.)

We don’t necessarily condone the violence — especially considering it was our dear, sweet Brittany bringing it on — but it was pretty entertaining. We want to know what you think. Was Brittany’s umbrella attack an entertaining moment in a stellar Glee episode, or did it miss its mark?

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