Credit: Vito Amati/Getty Images Photo: Bruce Springsteen Enjoys A Pensive Moment

Get ready Gleeks! There’s another HUGE star to add to the roster of Season 2’s potential guest appearances and it’s none other than The Boss himself: Bruce Springsteen!

A show insider recently reported that Bruce Springsteen is in talks to be in an upcoming tribute show. In this episode, he would be playing Finn’s uncle, which makes sense considering that Finn is such a huge fan of classic rock. The insider gushed,  "Bruce is such an all-American icon. We thought it would be great to get him on board. His music is loved by everyone and it has such potential to fit into the show.”

It sure does! We’re so excited at the prospect we’re practically, uh, “Dancing In The Dark.” Are you amped up at the idea of The Boss on Glee? If not, you probably weren’t “Born In the USA.” And yes, we had to.

Source: US Weekly