Credit: Andrew Eccles/Oxygen Media Photo: Meet Cameron, a Contestant on The Glee Project

Finally, it's time to get our Gleek on! This week's theme is pair-ability — in other words, duets, people!

For the homework segment (Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now"), Matheus was matched with Alex, while Hannah lucked out with super-hottie Damian. Samuel felt the challenge of trying to pretend to like Lindsay, and Cameron dealt with his awkwardness over having to be somewhat intimate (read: hold hands) with Marissa, since he has a girlfriend of two years at home. Um, can someone let Cameron know that this is a competition for an acting role, which may involve some acting from time to time?

Second-time guest mentor, Darren Criss, was on hand to judge. In related news, Darren Criss is hot. Anyway, as it turns out, the initial matchmaking was temporary. The contestants would be paired up again, with the homework winner getting to pick their partner. Darren felt that Samuel and Marissa stood out the most out of the bunch, but gave Marissa the edge for her ability to surprise him. As the winner, Marissa totes dumped Cameron and asked Samuel to be her duet buddy... burn! The rest of the couples were Hannah and Alex taking on “Nowadays” from Chicago, Lindsay and Cameron with "Baby It's Cold Outside," and Damian and Matheus rockin' "The Lady Is a Tramp." Loves it.

Damian and Matheus's video turned out cute, but Matheus's out-of-place Adam Lambert notes at the end were a bit much. Hannah and Alex sounded great together, but whoever picked those wigs out for them is clearly rooting for someone else. Sam and Marissa nailed their cover of "Don't You Want Me Baby." When she surprised him with a kiss at the end, he got way into it even after the director yelled cut — um, sparkalicious love connection, anyone? Lindsay decided to up her game by also stealing a smooch from Cameron to wrap up her video, which sent Cameron into a pit of guilt and regret, prompting him to call his mother and confess that he's a cheater. Yeah, weird. We'd kinda get it if he was like 12, but the guy's 21. Seriously, a "stage" kiss doesn't exactly make you Tiger Woods, kid.

Credit: Andrew Eccles/Oxygen Media Photo: Meet Matheus, a Contestant on The Glee Project

Instead of picking a bottom three this week, just Samuel and Marissa made the callback list while the other three pairs all had to perform for Ryan Murphy, who would then determine who's in the bottom. Ryan loved Alex and Hannah's infectious performance of "Valerie," and called Hannah pure joy. Next, he gave Damian and Matheus props for committing to their ridiculous number ("These Boots Are Made For Walking"), and once again encouraged Matheus to build his self-esteem. At that point, Damian stood up for the little guy, pointing out how other people — ahem, Alex — cut Matheus down anytime he does show confidence. Um, can we marry Damian, like, now? Last but not least, Cameron and Lindsay tackled "River Deep, Mountain High." Ryan was impressed with Lindsay's belting pipes and inspired by Cameron to write a Christian character. Interesting.

In the end, the bottom three were Cameron (for getting outperformed by Lindsay), Alex (for being a diva), and Matheus (for not being a "smooth crooner"). The drama flew and the tears flowed when it came out that Alex was kinda thrown under the bus for telling Matheus that he can't sing as high as him. Would Alex blame Matheus if he was the one sent home? We'll never know because it was actually Matheus who sang his last notes this evening.

We can't say we're very surprised over tonight's elimination. Next week, the hopefuls will face the true test to see if they've got what it takes to be in glee club: slushies!

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