Credit: Instagram

Now that it’s after New Year’s, can we still swoon over a just-posted pic from last Halloween of two adorable Glee stars? Yes, we can!

Glee’s Jacob Artist (Jake Puckerman) took advantage of Throwback Thursday on December 27, sharing a Halloween photo of himself as Barack Obama standing next to Chord Overstreet (Sam) as Brad Pitt. There’s nothing inglorious about these two together!

We love everything about this pic, especially Chord’s Brad-esque facial expression. This isn’t the first time we’ve gotten to see Chord’s hilarious Brad Pitt get-up, but we crack up each time. Get this guy his own Chanel No. 5 ad, stat.

And Jacob’s choice of dressing as Obama is appropriate, given that his character Jake has been referred to as Barack Obama on Glee

Apparently, the first rule of Throwback Thursday is that you don’t talk about it post a picture that is completely hilarious. 

Source: Instagram