Chord Overstreet (Sam) gave Glee fans a collective heart attack when a seemingly benign sickness landed him in the hospital on April 30. But guys? You can officially stop clutching those pearls, because our Gleeky prayers have been answered!

tweeting "Had to get a spinal tap in the hospital," Chord seems to be safe and sound. "Got out of the hospital late last night!" Chord tweeted to hoards of distressed fan-girls on May 1. "Thanks all of you guys for your concern!  Looks like ill be back on my feet in no time!! :)"

Chord has yet to explain his mysterious trip to the hospital, but a spinal tap is no walk in the park. This diagnostic procedure (in which "spinal goo" is collected for lab analysis) is commonly used in order to detect meningitis, which potentially can be a life-threatening condition!

We're thrilled that Chord is back at home and resting up
and thank goodness his illness happened after he finished up filming Glee on April 23. Because the idea of Regionals sans Sam is pretty much unbearable.

Make sure to keep Chord in your thoughts as he recovers!

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