Credit: Splash News Photo: Chord Overstreet Leaves The Lowry Hotel Before the Glee Live! Concert in Manchester, England, on June 22, 2011

Glee fans were stunned when Chord Overstreet left the show this summer, and the mystery surrounding his departure has led some to believe there might be hard feelings between Chord and his former employers. According to producer Dante DiLoreto, that’s not necessarily true.

“[Chord] is leaving for reasons that him and I know. He's pursuing other opportunities and we really wish him well,” DiLoreto told E! Online. “He's a lovely guy and we were so lucky to have him on the show. He contributed great things to it. We're excited to see what opportunities lie ahead for him, and what interesting characters are going to come in and fill his role on the show."

If he means the winner of The Glee Project, we’re pretty excited for that, too. But we can’t say there won’t be a tiny void in our hearts for one trouty-mouthed glee clubber when we tune in this fall.

Source: E!

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