When Chris Colfer (Kurt) isn't singing his heart out on Glee, he spends his time looking fabulous, working his fantastic hair coif, and lounging around sunny California like a true celebrity. In fact, Chris is a property owner, and he recently gave one of his fellow Gleeks a key to his house!

As we know, Chris and Lea Michele (Rachel) are steadfast BFFs, but the lucky recipient of his key is none other than Ashley Fink, who plays Lauren Zizes on Glee.

Credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Imagesfor CIROC Vodka

When Ashley responded to a hilarious twit pic of Chris' cat, Brian, Chris wrote back "Pretty sure you and Brian have been shopping together behind my back," to which Ashley replied "Well that's what ya get for giving me a key!"

Awww, these two! How great is it that Chris and Ashley are such fast friends off screen? You know what they say, the family that prays gleeks together stays together. Now, please excuse us as we fangirl all over the place about Chris and Ashley's friendship. But not before we point out how amazing it is that Chris buys clothes for his cat....

Source: Twitter